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just for the laughs

Do you like Scandinavian art-films? Well, almost everybody does. Nothing like enjoying the slow flow of the stories, the closeness of human beings, their breaths, their flesh, their friendly minds on the silver screen really give us something incomparably warm. Something raw, something different, something that feels like observing life under special circumstances like flies under a bell jar. This film knows exactly what we'd like to get but only gives us part of it: only the laughs.

You see a nice fat guy who's mentally drained having panic syndromes and depression that makes him unable to even get up at his workplace to give the kids a ski pass. Nice beginning. Nice because this can really be the beginning of a good and friendly movie. Someone in apathy starts getting better - not the worst base for a story at all! There's a bothering scene however bringing us the message that this film might be superficial. Jomar (our fat guy) opens the door and when he realizes who it is standing in his doorway he attacks him and the two start fighting. At this moment you'll think you've missed something. But then the visitor who's already left turns back and comes back to start over the greeting with the right foot. Now they go hugging each other. These two scenes gave you two basic impressions. You're supposed to have laughs and also the film is not likely to go into dramatic depths.

To make it short these impressions will turn out to be truthful. The only remaining question is whether you're willing to like a movie like this. This is a funny roadmovie. It's like Straight Story without the heart. It's like a roadmovie without the actual road. Jomar only has scenes, one after one. He's not changing a bit. He's not saying anything. He's only drinking. Booze is all he he thinks of. He's not even touched by the few people he meets during his "trip" (or, sure, he is except he's not showing:)).

Meeting a few people having weird experiences and looking stupid. That's all. No doubt it'd be great fun for anyone to have these experiences - this is what you see in commercials, drinking, smoking, and going at it at full throttle. Experiences like these are big fun for sure. Even after seeing this movie you'll have some funny stories to tell. Still, while watching it you'll be following a movie that only looks like one. This is exactly what Hollywood producers would have made after seeing a few great "northern" films. You might like it, or you might not.



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