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climate change: we've been warned! :)

a vast amount of things to do...

In y.3 – the 3rd year of the first happening-phase of climate change – history came to the next milestone, a new report came out, by the NASA, which means from the top-top source of the Western Civilization, and it says that things do look gross, the global worming is unstoppable, and the effects can be devastating.


These news are not new, however, it's been precisely prognosticated, back in 2004, for example, when the Pentagon brought out a report on what was likely be going to happen in the future, by about 2015. That very same spring, the movie The Day After Tomorrow came out, too, and it was received with harsh criticism for its not being real enough in terms of physics, namely, that when the temperature suddenly drops to minus 50, a helicopter would not freeze in the air, and a building won't freeze as if a magician had touched it by his/her wand and said: “freeze now!”. That was, basically, the direction of the attacks on the movie's credibility, which most people, that is, the majority of the given society, would buy, disregarding the fact that the possibility of sudden drop of temperature, in a different sense, was a newly realized fact, as well as the rapidness by which climate change was approaching – hence the title: The Day After Tomorrow, as opposed to “some day in the future”, or “within 50 years or so”.

The NASA report is correct, of course, but it does not cover the perception of people around the globe of the climate change. For it is a serious question how great or small percentage of the people is aware of the climate change happening. If it was too big, it would immediately cause instability. If it is small, it will mean that things can go on without a glitch, “business as usual”. Both of these extreme ends can be disastrous, of course. And it is also likely, based on simple guessing, that the low rate of climate change awareness is the case today – which places a demand on those who have already gained some awareness to start talking about it. To talk about it every week, every second day or so, in all kinds of context. Cause this is the only way that the vital info package can be, in a good way, absorbed by a large enough percentage of people per society. This can be a great contribution on our part, without which people – all of us – could be just told one day, in the near future, that “you should not complain, you've been warned”.

It is important to talk about it, really on a daily basis. It is important to see that even if it cannot be stopped, cannot be prevented, there is a vast amount of things which people can do about it, a vast amount of things to do. We have to reorganize our societies, for example, our socio-economic systems, from the inhumane capitalism to “a system with a human face”, to a system in which the state takes care of every citizen, and not just the rich. Cause when bad things happen, this is the only thing that can save lives, and make it possible avoid lot's of very bad things...

In any case, now that we've been warned, by the NASA and the world press, it's really not a big thing – especially regarding the benevolent effects of it – to just bring it up on a daily basis, to talk about it, to talk about climate change, and not just the weather :)



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